Want To Stop Looking At Porn?

Unwanted pornography viewing is a painful problem for countless couples and individuals. The conversations on the Rethinking Porn Addiction podcast feature sex therapists Doug Braun-Harvey and Kristin Hodson as well as a handful of men who want to help solve the problem of out-of-control viewing of sexual images.

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Additional Resources

Treating Out Of Control Sexual Behavior

For Therapists | Book

This groundbreaking book reconsiders popular notions of addictive sex. Braun-Harvey and Vigorito's sexual health psychotherapy protocol is an innovative treatment approach for men experiencing sexual lives beyond their control. "Out of control sexual behavior" (OCSB) is defined as a sexual health problem in which consensual sexual urges, thoughts, or behaviors feel out of control. As opposed to a clinical disorder, OCSB is framed as a behavioral problem within the normal range of sexual expression.

The book provides step-by-step tools for assessment, treatment planning, and implementation stemming from the authors' work with hundreds of individual and group therapy clients. OCSB treatment matches individual and group therapy interventions with current motivational interviewing and readiness-for-change research. Further, this approach emphasizes the clinician's ethical responsibility to provide the most effective treatment while protecting client sexual rights and welcoming sexual diversity. Rich and varied composite case examples demonstrate clinical sexual health treatment conversations as well as stories of hope and guidance to understand how sexual health is an ally for changing OCSB.

Key Features:

  • Presents a much-needed sexual health alternative to conventional thinking about assessing and treating OCSB
  • Posits OCSB as a sexual health behavior problem rather than a process addiction or psychosexual disorder
  • Promotes sexual health principles as the framework to envision and guide men's sexual behavior change
  • Includes a practical, step-by-step pathway model to assess and treat OCSB
  • Organizes a wide range of best-practice clinical interventions for individual and group psychotherapy
  • Includes composite case examples demonstrating successful treatment outcomes
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Exposed: Teaching Kids About the Harms of Pornography from a Sex-Positive Perspective

For Parents | Course

Many have asked for the nitty gritty on issues that matter most to them as a parent. In Exposed - Teaching Kids About the Harms of Pornography From a Sex Positive Perspective, parents will be given new insights and concrete tools to support their kids as the navigate through the current digital and social landscape.

This 60-minute course on pornography and the accompanying digital workbook are for you if you are:

  • feeling overwhelmed
  • not sure where to start
  • confused on what to do
  • avoiding the topic
  • wanting to become the safe source for your kids to get sexual health information

The course will empower you with:

  • CONFIDENCE in engaging your children around the topic of sexually explicit material
  • TOOLS to communicate with your child/children about pornography
  • UNDERSTANDING of different reasons kids look at pornography
  • LANGUAGE to be able to say more than,”Porn is bad. Don’t look at it.”
  • DEFINITION of what pornography is in your home
  • SCRIPTS on how to bring up the conversation
  • RESOURCES on safeguarding your kids devices
  • PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES if you need support for current events in your home

Come join us to learn how to make a plan and develop open conversations about pornography.

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